Blue Knights New York

Chapter XIV

March 2014

Next Meeting April 17th


Membership Cards

If I haven’t seen you, your 2014 membership card will be included in this newsletter. We were one member shy of 100% renewals for 2014. We did pick up three new members.

The Ride

October 5th. Please mark that date on your calendar. At the March meeting, we had a number of members stepping up. Greg Pricoli put together a great flyer for the ride. For those of you on the computer, I have already emailed you a copy of the flyer which you can print and post in your workplace or distribute to your riding friends. I’m also enclosing a copy of the flyer with this newsletter for those of you not in the Internet world yet.

The ride is shaping up. You have to ask yourself, what can you do for your chapter? Ron Stringer is looking in to getting paper goods. Dustin Graham is taking care of the playing cards and stamps for the card pick up locations. Bill Byrnes is looking in to food. David Levy has already made us 100 color copies of our flyer to get us started. The point is that members are stepping up to make one big job just a bunch of little jobs.

It would be great to have a name attached to each job and all the little jobs will come together for the ride. Just off the top of my head, we could use someone to take ownership of a few more jobs:

Š     Coffee and donuts for the morning. Who has a contact?

Š     Coordination of vendors. Who might work in a police equipment store that can contact or coordinate some vendors?

Š     Printing and copies. Who has a contact to make additional color copies going forward?

Š     Additional contacts for paper goods, plastic forks, knives and spoons.

Š     We could use people to reach out to sponsors for the event to donate water, cash, food, paper goods, paper towels etc. Sponsors can be recognized as well as provided with a thank you letter from the chapter.

Š     We don’t know how many riders we will get for this ride but we are being optimistic and planning food for 100 – 150 people. Do we dare consider door prizes? A few people could look into this if they were inclined. We would need at least 150 door prizes which could be almost anything. Shirts, bags, coffee travel cups, locking gun cables, perfume, jackets, and the list goes on and on. Just follow through if you jump in.

Take ownership of a job and let me know what you can do so I can keep a record of names and jobs. Also, keep an account of the time that you spend on these jobs because after the ride, we report our contributions to the International in the form of cash donations that we make in addition to the number of ‘man hours’ that we contribute.


Make sure that you renew your NYS vehicle registration in a timely manner. We are a law enforcement motorcycle club; we should set an example by having renewed registrations on our bikes. Same thing applies to state inspections.

Remember T-CLOCS?

Enclosed is a copy of the T-CLOCS inspection sheet. Use it as a reference to make sure that you are ready to ride. We have rides coming up and you have to get the dust off the bike and the brain. Check your bike to ride safe!



Our paperwork is on the way to the AMA for our charter and ride sanction.

Group Riding

Also included for you reading pleasure are some pointers on group riding.

Want To See Arizona?

Chapter member Reuben Sanchez will be riding to Arizona starting on Memorial Day weekend. He will be leaving around 5/24, planning for a four day trip out. He will be staying in Arizona for 6-7 days, leaving around 6/4 and returning here by 6/8-9. If you’re interested, contact Reuben.


Our newest members, David Levy, retired from NYC Corrections, Robert Barlow, retired from NYS DOC and Matt Barlow, NYPD. All three members have been active in club activities already. We welcome you with open arms! Ride with pride.


We’ve got some flyers to work with so we have to get the message out. The best way is to participate in as many events as we can before the date of our ride. Everyone does not have to be at every ride but we should have representation at almost every ride. Take copies, make copies of the flyers and hand them out at these rides. Payback for attending this rides will be huge. For those on the Internet, go to for a list of Blue Knight rides. Just click on ‘events’ on the homepage.


The following came to my attention just as I was finishing this newsletter. Go to the International site and log on under members only. Then go to the black box on the right side and hover over B.O.D. (Executive) then click on minutes. Then click on the little box that says 02 Apr 2004 BOD Agenda. (That’s a typo on their part, it should read 2014). On this agenda you can read what will be proposed at the next International meeting on 4-2-14. A lot of stuff on rockers and such but there is one item that I’m including in this newsletter. Well, you read it. I have a call out to Russ Harper who is our International rep in the TSC to find out where the TSC stands on this.



Board Member Contact Info


Don Curfman

Liberty St

Walden, NY



Vice President

Gregory Pricoli


Highland Mills, NY




Salvatore Marazita

Somerset Dr

Washingtonville, NY 10992




Paul L. Lang

10 Patriot Lane

Washingtonville, NY 10992

(845) 590-9877





I. Proposal 2014-0009


Proposal: The purpose of this proposal is to;

Amend By-Laws Article XI General Miscellaneous Definitions

Governmental LE Agency or Department

a) remove the word "incarceration"

b) To “grandfather”, or protect, the Corrections Officers or employees who are presently bona fide members and in good standing.

Intent: In 2001, a motorcycle club called the Pride Motorcycle Club, otherwise known as “The Pride” was founded to accommodate the needs of Corrections Officers and employees. In fact, as stated on their web page at “The Pride is a motorcycle-riding club comprised solely of correctional employees and spouses. It is designed to provide mutual assistance, enjoyment, social benefit and develop camaraderie between correctional personnel, regardless of race, creed, religion, make of motorcycle. However, motorcycle ownership is not required.”

Therefore, it would appear that this club:

a) excludes all other law enforcement officers, and

b) would include all Corrections Officers and employees whether they have powers of arrest at all times when on duty or not and whether they own or expect to own a motorcycle or not.

This proposal would direct or guide all future applicants who are Correctional Officers or employees to that motorcycle club.

Advantages: By amending the above-mentioned Article, it would eliminate the existing grey areas of both, the Constitution and By-Laws created by the various Acts and Legislations (especially the Canadian Criminal Code and the Canadian Corrections and Conditional Releases Act) in all countries presently represented by the Blue Knights.

Disadvantages: There is little doubt that there are present bona fide members of the Blue Knights in good standing who are either Corrections Officers or Corrections employees, or close friends with those members who will take offence to this proposal, and if passed, Constitutional amendment, and will choose to leave the Blue Knights.

Suggested By: Mark Brooks – West Coast Conference Canadian V/Chairman 4/2/14

Submitted By: Karl Hutchinson – WCC Chairman and International Rep 4/2