Blue  Knights New York  Chapter XIV 
  FEB. 2013
News letter
Blue  Knights New York  Chapter XIV   
March. 2014 
News letter
Blue Knights New York Chapter XIV
July 2014
Next Meeting: July 17, 2014 (Pre Ride)   

'The Ride'
Before you know it, October 5th will be here and we will have our first sanctioned ride. We can still use items for door prizes. I know a few members have secured some items but those items do not double magically by just talking about them,
We need everyone on board here. The day of the event will require all hands at the American Legion or whatever assignment you might be working. I don't care if you ride on a regular basis or not; you pay dues, you're a member, you need to give us this ONE day.
Set up; clean up, registration, parking, card stops, food service and prep, checking player cards when they come in and numerous other tasks. This endeavor cannot be done by talking.
One member gave me the manager info in a few stores in Middletown. They need notice to distribute the funds that they have available to them.
I have the donation letters on the computer, I just need to fill in a name and I can email it to you to bring to the business or I can mail it to you. Maybe we get a gift card from a store to use as a door prize. If we don't ask, we get nothing.
So we're on our Thursday ride recently and a member of NY XX is riding with us. We arrive in New Paltz and he catches a flat in his front wheel. We're calling insurance companies, motorcycle repair places; this guy is stuck, no one is coming to get the bike. The guy from NYXX is not an AMA member but I called up AMA and asked if they could tow him under my card. In a few minutes, they were taking the info and sending a flatbed out. What great people! Is it worth the $49 membership? Well the guy from XX thinks it was worth enough to join. I just thought it was good customer relations. They towed him from New Paltz to Florida, NY. He had to pay for the excess miles but it was still cheaper and he got home.
Give credit where credit is due. Dave Levy has jumped on the Facebook end of notifications and has done an excellent job! Behind that hard exterior appearance is a computer geek. He really spiked interest in our page, Blue Knights New York XIV from around the area and around the world. Pictures of the rides we have been on are posted before the bikes cool down, that fast! If you're on the computer, check it out.
Speaking of Facebook
Our Treasurer, Sal recently joined Facebook and the quote of the day from Sal, "…me on Facebook is the best thing to happen to you guys."  If enough guys who are on the computer get on Facebook and need some help navigating, maybe we can set up a small Facebook group session. Sal is looking for some friends on Facebook.
  • Coming up on July 13th is NY XVIII COPSRUN starting in Rockland County.
  • On July 14th, I'm attending a street dedication in Manhattan at 1000 hours to honor two Transit Police Officers killed in the line of duty.
  • July 22nd, NY XX is having a fundraiser at a Hudson Valley Renegades game. Tickets are $10 and include an admission ticket and a hat. Should be good for a lot of laughs and a good time. Go online to and use the password BlueKnights
  • The Green Knights are having a ride out of the Maybrook VFW on July 26th  to benefit the Veterans Food Bank of Orange County
  • Suicide Run with NY II is August 8-10
Tri State Conference
Being held in Batavia, NY October 10th – October 13th. 'Plunder the Booty Weekend" theme. $210 per couple, rooms at the Clarion Hotel at $99/ night for standard room. Batavia Down Gaming is there as well as the Palm Island Water Park. Check out for the whole skinny. Elections will be held for TSC leadership during the President's meeting and other events are planned all weekend.
How many of you have checked the insurance coverage on your motorcycle? I mentioned in the last newsletter that the President from NY VII was rear ended after the Spring Presidents' Meeting. He found out that No Fault was not going to cover him and he was going to have to pay medical expenses of pocket. I posted information from lawyers, not insurance companies who tell you to have Supplemental Uninsured/Underinsured Coverage. If you tangle up with some yahoo who has the minimum $25000 liability coverage, you're going to left holding the bag.
I'm just trying to look out for you. How many of you have life insurance? If you do, why? You're betting some company that you'll die and you want to protect those around you after you're gone. Motorcycle insurance is just as important. Make sure you have what you need. Cheaper is not always better. Enough said.
Good & Welfare
We're picking up quite a few good new members. Some of them came through the web site and some just came from word of mouth. We've been on a number of rides with around ten bikes every time. We started in April at the Cardillo ride and it seems like every weekend something is going on. We have a good group of people, come out and take a ride, have a few laughs.
We sent up paperwork on two more new members, Brian Bergmann NYS DOCS is rejoining the Chapter after some time away and Eric Stocklmeier NYPD Ret.
Eric has been with us on a few rides already.
Welcome to both and enjoy the ride!
It was good to see Earl Bowman at the Rolling Thunder ride on June 8th. He looked well and like so many of our members, a good guy to be around.
Mike Sikos has transferred to NY II. We wish him well.
Ed Shafer has been making a lot of the Thursday rides and as one of our Charter members, he's just an interesting guy to talk to if you want to hear the history of this Chapter.
John Ryan III and Lady have been a hit at every ride they have been on. Great public relations dog!
Wait a minute. Lady has been a hit at every ride, John is just the guy at the end of the leash lol!
Go forth and gather up some door prizes!
Have A Safe July 4th
God Bless America!
Ride With Pride
Paul L. Lang
Secretary BK NY XIV
Board Members Contact Information
Donald Curfman
Vice President
Gregory Pricoli
Salvatore J. Marazita
Paul L. Lang
Immediate Past President
Carl Raymo